FUiYO 2010 – Fun with iLuvislam’s Youth Overseas


just bantu saudari Nadh ( uni of york / as head JK Utk Promosi FUiYO 2010)

For the past four years, numerous articles, songs, videos and forums have been posted, and shared among avid iluvislam’s surfers on www.iluvislam. com, a community educational website which is increasingly becoming more popular day by day. With 80 actively contributing volunteers in the managing team from all over the world, and iLuvislam’s members reaching 15,000 worldwide (and still counting), iluvislam would like to present you Fun with Iluvislam’s Youth in Overseas, fondly known as FUIYO. This annual student gathering will be the opportunity for Malaysian Muslim students especially those who are abroad to get together, share experience & learn more about Islam.

more detail refer to official website FUiYO 2010

for registration FUiYO 2010



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